A 9 foot tall Drakken blue and orange colored scales. Unlike most Drakken he has hair, long and white, and has lost his wings (apparently an evolution of his tribe from far away lands). His reptilian skin is more akin to armor than flesh and so he rarely needs armor in his matches.


The former champion owes his allegiance to the Inhumans and it fits him well with his mean attitude. Under the best of circumstances most will not even speak with Banryu for fear of him bashing their skull in, literally. Even though he could easily wield any weapon he wanted to, his signature weapons have always been his limbs and occasional tail. Combined with his mastery of the raging, he has earned his namesake of “Barbaric Dragon” (Banryu). Though a few could occasionally wound him in battle, Banryu was able to go undefeated for more than a decade until Sazar challenged and defeated him for the title of Champion. Despite Banryu not taking this well he has since rededicated himself to improving his skills so he can reclaim his title.

Entering into a match with Banryu is perhaps the most dangerous thing to do in the arena because of his raging. People will die from time to time in the arena, but Banryu is known for killing more gladiators than anyone else in the history of the arena. All fights with him now include a clause that waives all retaliation against him for killing you. Of course the Inhumans must pay for the loss of life, but neither Taggart or Banryu seem to care. The intimidation and air of superiority is what they are all about. Finally, Taggart has had to bribe guardsmen to drop charges against Banryu many times, as his bad temper is always an issue.