Cedric is an elf whom seems to be surrounded in explicable oddities, and that has made him the most intimidating gladiator in Albion. Between his red hair, his pitch black eyes, dragonbone weapons, and sadism; everyone has come to accept its best to just avoid him altogether. His age is near impossible to gauge as his appearance is unlike any elf but he claims to be over 150 years of age, which should be middle aged or more.

Cedric’s signature in the arena is to use his dragonbone knife to wound his foes. Something about the weapon causes wounds that do not easily mend or stop bleeding without magic. Upon wounding a foe Cedric will often taunt his foe at a distance until their wounds or anger opens up more opportunities to cause more pain. Though predictable in his goals, he rarely loses and never to anyone who wasnt a champion at least once.

It is rumored that Cedric is a serial rapist. While it is certainly true that he is extremely demeaning to all women, doubly so human women, no one ever accuses him of this. The only reason some believe this to be true is because he will often be spotted with a rape victim just before whatever incident occurs. Between these rumors, his own racism, and more only the Inhumans want anything to do with him.