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Name pronounced (Say-Czar). The best fighter for the Cyril School and reigning champion of Albion. Known for wielding The Dragon Slayer, an enormous sword of 6 feet in length from tip to hilt and incredible thickness. Though Sazar is fit and 6 feet tall, the blade is too heavy for most men to even lift it…. which begs the question of how is Sazar fighting with it. Whatever, the answer the famous blade and its wielder have rose through the ranks all the way to being the current Champion of Albion. The former champion Banryu and the Inhumans both hate and respect Sazar in the same moment for taking the title of champion away from them. To their minds, at least they did not lose to a human.

A favorite subject of discussion about Sazar is his relationship with Valeria Cyril herself. Very few will ever stand up to Valeria even once and live to tell the tale, Sazar has been able to get away with spoken words or actions that no one else has on multiple occasions. Perhaps more interesting is that Valeria knew one another before he signed to work for her, but no one has been able to pin down that story either. Finally, Sazar is rumored to be the father of Valeria’s daughter. A rumor made more even more accepted when it was discovered that Sazar has been made godfather and executor of Valeria’s will.

The prosperity and future of the Cyril School is directly tied to Sazar. Even though the Cyril School is successful, Sazar himself brings in more wealth than the rest of its gladiators combined. A significant part of that wealth is the prostitution of Sazar among the wealthy, but not the nobles as they often want to preserve their “pure” bloodlines. It is rumored that a peasant could work for ten years and still not afford a single hour of pleasure with Sazar.