Taggart Bhasa


An empty shell of armor that still contains the soul of a dwarf from ages ago. Standing over 7 feet tall and in intimidating black armor, Taggart is immediately recognizable in any crowd. On the few occasions that he leaves his school’s compound he sports a two handed great sword that is well able to cut through entire groups of people; which he claims has been done multiple times.


Taggart seemingly cannot die, and thus has been the owner of the Inhumans since he created that school. The Inhumans are a reflection of his personal hatred of humans in every way possible. One such example is that Taggart will often choose to accept a weaker business deal if in his mind it can be used to belittle a human or the human race. Much as people hate Taggart and his views, no one can deny that his eye for talent has managed to bring together the school with the best winning record in all of Albion. His influence and long experience has allowed him to earn a spot on the Concord Committee, thus allowing him to have a direct voice in rule making and enforcement for the gladiators. In other words, he may well be the single most influential “person” in the gladiatorial industry.

Taggart Bhasa

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