A blue Fire Elemental that has taken on a humanoid form despite it not being bound to that form. Wearing all natural leather cloaks and a crude skeletal looking mask, it is able to take blend in with mortals aside from the obviously different fashion statement. When burning intensely the fires protrude from the cloak in a dramatic fashion.


In a school filled with colorful or downright weird, Aidan stands head and shoulders above them all. Fire Elementals are rare enough and dangerous enough that even journeying wizards may never meet one and live to tell of it; and yet Aidan is a faithful companion to Valeria personally. It seems to have no fear of the very people that fear it, as evidences by it walking the streets of the capital. And yet there are a few people in the capital that revere Aidan for his being a fire elemental in a city that whose history is deeply rooted in Helios, the sun deity, worship. Accordingly many religious fanatics act very strangely around Aidan ranging from actively worshiping him all the way to trying to kill him for not supporting their movement(s) in the city.

In matches that restrict his own natural abilities Aidan is found of using tomahawks and knives in a deadly combination with his quick movements. To date no one has been able to defeat him… but that might have something to do with the fact that most mortals cant hurt him at all.