See Picture, it nails what i had in mind.


*Naazim is the prospect that Nikki was told about in the late September session who was in prison.

Naazim was born a slave, trained as a gladiator, became an instructor, and then hit rock bottom after his owner’s suicide. When the Tobias School suffered numerous financial losses the owner put up his personal assets in an effort to turn the tide, it never did. With the villa left vacant and Naazim out on the streets, he descended into begging and barely controlled alcohol addiction. Days ago he was arrested for murder in a bar brawl with three men. Allegedly the details are that the three men were mocking Naazim’s former owner and his failures, to which Naazim began a brawl. When one of them pulled a weapon, Naazim killed him. Perhaps in a bit of rage, Naazim killed the other two who were not armed. He is rotting in jail while awaiting his trial.

According to your sources, Naazim was allowed to see many aspects of the business during his servitude.